Managing the Multi-Generational Workplace

Sample Course

Course Outline

Objective: Recognize the advantage of different generations in the workplace; understand the influence and characteristics of each generation; review areas likely to cause intergenerational conflict and strategies for ideal situations

  • The business case for addressing generational issues
  • Demographic information about each generation
  • Traits, influences and communication preferences of each generation
  • Perception of each generation: myths vs. realities
  • Common “generation clash” areas
  • Tips to work more effectively with each generation
  • Panel discussion
    • Company representatives from each generation respond to prepared questions
    • Questions are designed to highlight some of the different perspectives of each generation in the workplace
    • Audience members have a chance to ask questions to the panelists as well
  • Program includes creative ideas to celebrate different generations such as:
    • Music from each generation plays when participants enter room
    • Suggestions for candy from each generation to enjoy during the program

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