Diversity + Inclusion, talent development/training, leadership development, and career transition

Dave Ciliberto

Dave Ciliberto has worked in Human Resources since 1986. He is an Educator in Professional Programs for Diversity + Inclusion, including investigations, working with executive D+I councils, Employee Resource Groups and organization integration, talent development/training, leadership development, and career transition.

Dave has created and delivered many specialized programs around D+I, respect in the workplace, working styles and team alignment, communication skills, supervisory and leadership skills, and performance management. While managing an HR talent acquisition audit, Dave provided recommendations on improved hiring and onboarding. He also developed and delivered respect in the workplace training for C-Suite which was rolled out to all employees for a client. He has worked in HR roles with Prudential Insurance, American Express, UBS, Cornell University ILR, Jennifer Brown Consulting, Partners International, HSBC, Credit Suisse, Ion Media, the EEOC, NSA, CUNY, Colgate University, Local Initiatives Corporation (LISC), Bayer Pharma and Harley Davidson.

Dave received his B.A. in Business Administration from Lynchburg College. He is certified in Diversity Management by Cornell University ILR, where he also teaches classes on D+I. Other certifications include the Myer Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), PDI 360 Profilor, and Social Styles. He’s also authored two articles: “Career Transitions Across Generations,” featured in SHRM online and “3 Things Wrong with D+I Training,” available in the Diversity Inc. online magazine.