Diverse Women Networking

3 Ways to Attract Diverse Job Candidates

May 25, 2021
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Ask any recruiter to name their top priorities and you’re bound to hear “recruiting for diversity,” “reducing bias in hiring,”hiring for diversity,” or “how to attract diverse job candidates.” For 78% of talent professionals and hiring managers, diversity is the number one priority.  We’ve shared stats and examples of the proven link between advancing Diversity, […]

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A Diverse Approach to Recruiting

A Diverse Approach to Recruiting

May 28, 2020
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Diversity in the workplace is a win-win for both employees and companies. And it’s more important than ever in today’s challenging economic climate. Study after study confirms that companies with more diversity—especially at the top—yield greater profits than their more homogenous competitors. Leading companies stay ahead of the curve—always searching for ways to innovate. They […]

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Interim HR Experts + The Gig Economy

HR Skill Gaps + The Gig Economy

January 6, 2020
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2020 is here and the data is clear—the job market continues to hold strong in spite of trade tensions and political uncertainty. Unemployment is hovering just a stone’s throw from a 50 year low. As exciting as this economy is for job seekers, very little is written about the related strain on our talent strategies […]

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How to Prepare for Gen Z in the Workplace

Gen Z, You’re Hired! Prepare Your Organization for a New Generation of Employees

August 16, 2019
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The job market is hot. Your company invested heavily to compete for this year’s top grads and you are about to welcome a whole lot of Gen Z into your organization over the next few months. Around this time of year, I like to remind clients that the war for talent does not end once […]

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Create a Workplace Culture that Attracts Top Talent

How to Create (& Maintain) a Workplace Culture That Attracts Top Talent

August 8, 2019
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Subscribe to The Inspired Podcast In our most recent episode, we introduced culture as the X-factor that could set your company apart and help you attract top talent—the talent that could potentially boost your revenue by up to 33%! Here, we pick up with the how of culture. How do you create a workplace culture […]

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Culture: Secret Weapon for Attracting & Retaining Talent

Culture – 9 Truths About Your Company’s Secret Weapon in the War for Talent

July 29, 2019
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Subscribe to The Inspired Podcast Culture. It may seem intangible and difficult to define, but we know a good one when we see it. According to Merriam-Webster, culture is “the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution or organization.” As long as we bring people together for a said purpose, […]

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