Anti-Sexual Harassment Training

Your engaging + effective anti-harassment training starts with Inspire.

Bring latest employment laws to life through an interactive, discussion-based workshop. Based on stringent state and federal requirements, our course ensures that managers and employees are informed and practiced in situations involving workplace harassment and discrimination.

Course Objectives

  • Advance organizational commitment to a safe and inclusive workplace free of sexual harassment and sex-based discrimination
  • Define sexual harassment and gender discrimination, and discuss the differences
  • Discuss gender identities and the use of pronouns
  • Enhance emotional intelligence, improve self-awareness, and manage your reactions and behaviors
  • Understand the employees’ rights and managers’ responsibilities in preventing and managing workplace issues and empower ownership to make change. 
Course Objectives - Anti-Harassment Training

How it Works

How it Works - Anti-Sexual Harassment Training Course

Flexible and accessible.

Anti-sexual harassment training is designed to be highly experiential while also offering flexibility to bring our expertise to your organization.

Interactive sessions.

Our 2-hour interactive, workshop-style sessions include discussion, Q&A, peer coaching, exercises, workbooks, and presentations. We can deliver the workshops in-person or via webinar for up to 25 participants.

Ongoing communication.

Inspire will communicate with your HR team to share major updates that are released from your state or the federal government. We also engage your leadership team with talking points and support to transform strategy into action.

Manager Workshop

In the Manager Workshop, we highlight the role a manager plays in preventing and handling issues that impact employees and professional relationships. The session provides a framework of legal and inclusive behaviors that managers can use to create a safe and inclusive culture in their teams and organizations.

Employee Workshop

In the Employee Workshop, participants leave with a renewed sense of how to engage with their colleagues and an awareness of how their behavior impacts their teams and individual careers. All employees build an understanding of the issues, gain insight on policies and reporting processes, and contribute their ideas and thought leadership on a key issue.

Are in-person trainings right for your team?

Many organizations use online tools for anti-harassment training for all employees. Blending e-learning with in-person workshops deepens your employees’ knowledge, understanding, and retention of important information and actions. The Inspire anti-harassment workshops are:

  • Based on what works in real life. Our content was organically developed out of what we found to create the most consistent, high-impact results across diverse industries and management styles. It’s a proven approach that’s been refined over time.
  • Experiential, practical and built for busy professionals. The sessions include exercises that make every concept applicable during moment-to-moment challenges in everyday life.
  • A hybrid of management skills and legal knowledge. We do the foundational work on legal topics, internal policies, and reporting processes. Then we move on to the skills training in areas like communication and management.

Participants can truly use their newly acquired skills because they’ll also have the mindset, approach, and understanding of the tools and techniques to deal with issues of harassment.

Benefits of In-Person Anti-Harassment Trainings

Convey your commitment to a harassment-free workplace.

Benefits of In-Person Anti-Harassment Trainings

Customize training for all employee segments: executives, managers, and individual contributors.

Benefits of In-Person Anti-Harassment Trainings

Facilitate dialogue around a sensitive topic in a safe way.

Benefits of In-Person Anti-Harassment Trainings

Go beyond a mandate and make a safe, respectful workplace part of your employment brand.

Benefits of In-Person Anti-Harassment Trainings

Empower employees to speak up more often and take more initiative as bystanders.

Benefits of In-Person Anti-Harassment Trainings

Provide clarity around the latest laws, internal policies, and reporting procedures.

Guidance by Company Size

Your organization’s strategy is based on size and how you compete for talent.

Small Businesses

Take the Challenge

  • Take advantage of NYS and NYC free resources.
  • Make it known that anti-harassment training is important.
  • Send a strong statement that harassment is taken seriously.
  • NYC small businesses can make a significant collective impact.

Medium Businesses

Make it Yours

  • Make your anti-harassment program an asset by taking it to the next level:
    • Greater customization
    • Higher level of participant engagement
    • Strong measurement tools
    • Deliberate reinforcement
  • Enhance your brand: a “safe place to work” is a “great place to work.”

Large Businesses

Refresh & Revise

  • Take advantage of today’s heightened awareness.
  • Review already established anti-harassment programs.
  • Refresh your training to enhance participation and engagement.
  • Remind employees of multiple reporting channels, confidentiality, swift action, and no-retaliation.

Our 4-Step Approach to Training

Needs Assessment

Needs Assessment

Benefit from deliberate planning.

  • Planning session
  • Goal setting and measurement
  • Senior leader sponsorship
  • Pre-training materials
Target Audience

Target Audience

Create delivery plan for:

  • Leaders and managers
  • On-site employees
  • Virtual employees
  • Train-the-trainer
Learning Techniques

Learning Techniques

Engage with high-impact experiences. 

  • Facilitated discussions, videos, exercises and debriefs
  • Tools for preventing harassment and bystanding
  • Exercises to promote self-awareness


Reinforce for true behavioral change.

  • Post-training survey
  • Customized session summary with next steps
  • Personal reinforcement emails from Inspire to participants
  • Leader talking points

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